Title Text: Understanding the Work of Nursing Theorists: A Creative Beginning Crane Photo
  Discussion Questions

Class Eleven:

1. Discuss the basic tenets of Hildegard Peplau's Interpersonal Relations in Nursing.
2. Describe possible applications of Peplau's theory in clinical practice
3. Discuss how selected middle-range nursing theories could be expressed thru origami or other art forms.
4. Discuss the basic tenets of Martha Roger's Unitary Human Beings
5. Describe possible applications of Rogers' theory in clinical practice.
6. Using space photography or another art form, interpret Roger's theory to others.
7. Compare and contrast Peplau's definition of nursing with Henderson's definition. Share your thoughts with your classmates.
8. Discuss how Peplau's psychiatric nursing background relates to her theory.
9. In your practice of nursing, if you were to use Peplau's theory as your theoretical base, how would your approach patient care differ? Give a specific example of a client and how you could have used Peplau's theory to provide quality care.
10. Explain how you could construct a Peplau origami.
11. Roger's is most often viewed as a visionary. Discuss the meaning of "visionary" as it relates to nursing. Why are some theorist considered visionaries and others generally not viewed in that manner?
12. Do you think that a theory that does not mention health, wellness or illness can truly encompass all that is nursing? If not, why not?
13. Construct a view of space that represents Roger's major ideas. Explain your representation. Share it with your classmates.

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