Title Text: Understanding the Work of Nursing Theorists: A Creative Beginning Crane Photo

Building a Foundation for Nursing Theory Through Art

Many faculty find the unquestionably complex and abstract concepts of nursing theory to be difficult to teach. Presently, there are many fine nursing theory textbooks on the market, however these texts are generally too lengthy for professors to fully utilize, and too frustratingly complex for practical use by students who have never been exposed to nursing theory.

With the goal of introducing theory such that students will desire to learn more, Kathleen Sitzman, MS, RN, Weber State University, and Lisa Wright Eichelberger, DSN, RN, Clayton College and State University, in their important and inviting new text, Understanding the Work of Nurse Theorists: A Creative Beginning, make the work of nursing theorists simple to understand. In this book the authors take complex subject matter and make it simple, allowing students to thoroughly experience and understand the work of 17 prominent nurse theorists through art.

This book is written and intended for baccalaureate level nursing students and is designed to engage them in this challenging subject matter in a very basic way. It is the only truly introductory nursing theory resource appropriate for beginning nursing students. It supports beginning nurses' involvement and contribution to nursing theory by making theory accessible, meaningful, and enjoyable to study. Later they can fly with the information and grow into an understanding of the more complex points.

Request your review copy now and learn how various forms of art, including origami, can be used to make teaching the work of nursing theorists simple and fun.