Title Text: Understanding the Work of Nursing Theorists: A Creative Beginning Crane Photo

Jean Watson, PhD, RN, HNC, FAAN Distinguished Professor of Nursing Murchinson-Scoville Chair of Caring Science University of Colorado Health Sciences Center

This work in nursing theory opens new doors and opens up new horizons of learning, studying, embodying, and using nursing theory. It is an introduction to creative scholarship, inviting new engaging, artistic, aesthetic, imaginary, evocative approaches to entering into, and participating in, inspirited and inspired learning. Understanding the Work of Nurse Theorists: A Creative Beginning takes us into new territory for teaching and learning theory, while interacting with the depth of philosophical, idealistic, ethical, theoretical constructs, concepts, and meanings embedded in diverse theories. This unique and original approach to nursing theory is not otherwise offered when learning and teaching nursing theory.

Sitzman and Eichelberger have a special grasp and postmodern view of the significance and insights that can be gained from diverse approaches to learning that draw upon all ways of knowing, being, and learning. They offer an original pedagogical perspective that integrates art and artistry with concepts and methods of thinking while probing philosophical insights through concrete, original, creative-artistic learning experiences and exercises that bring theory to life and make it a living process. By doing so,the reader/students are co-creating the learning-discovery process.

This text opens the hearts and minds of the readers and students to let in fresh air and present new ways of learning. The text is to be read as an open, evolving text, rather than a closed, set, stable subject.

This text takes us into the heart of the theorists' thinking, while assisting the student with self-created challenges to use creativity, curiosity, thoughtfulness, and joy of discovery. The authors help to illuminate new depths of learning for seeing the relevance and dynamic living nature of theory-in-action in our personal/professional lives and work. It is a book that takes us into the new world of learning and teaching, beyond the sterile rote, staid thinking that often dominates our views of theory.

It is through works such as this that nursing and nurses will learn that they are the theories; theories are not separate and detached from their being, but a living thought system that both informs and guides nursing into this new century, while sustaining the finest of the historical heritage and roots of nursing. Understanding the Work of Nurse Theorists: A Creative Beginning is a book for beginners and experts alike, inspiriting and inspiring a new generation of students, nurses, theorists, and theories.