Nutrition and Diet Therapy: Self-Instructional Approaches, Fifth Edition
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End of Chapter Test Questions

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1:  A person on a strict vegetarian diet is most likely to become deficient in which of the following vitamins?
A: B12
B: folacin
C: ascorbic acid
D: B6

2:  Vitamin B6 requirements are increased
A: with increased energy intake.
B: with increased protein intake.
C: when on a reduction diet.
D: with increased carbohydrate intake.

3:  A deficiency of vitamin B12 produces:
A: pernicious anemia.
B: cheilosis.
C: microcytic anemia.
D: sickle cell anemia.

4:  Research studies have shown that a 1 g dose of vitamin C daily:
A: will reduce the total number of colds among adults.
B: is no more effective against cold symptoms than is 75 mg daily.
C: will lessen the effects of a hangover.
D: will be stored in the body.

5:  Which condition(s) may result in folic acid deficiency?
A: a strict vegetarian diet
B: use of contraceptive pills and/or pregnancy
C: malabsorption syndromes
D: all of the above

6:  The RDA/DRI gives a safe and adequate intake for ascorbic acid a 19-30 year old male as:
A: 400 IU per day.
B: 90 mg per day.
C: 2 to 3 mg per day.
D: 40 g per day.

7:  Risks associated with megadose ascorbic acid intake include all except:
A: bladder infections.
B: possible increase in kidney stone formation.
C: diarrhea.
D: eye infections.

8:  Ascorbic acid plays a major role in the formation of which protein?
A: histidine
B: keratin
C: collagen
D: mucus

9:  All of the following refer to vitamin B12 except which one?
A: It requires an intrinsic factor for absorption.
B: A deficiency results in pernicious anemia.
C: Food sources rich in vitamin B12 include asparagus and broccoli.
D: Vitamin B12 is necessary for normal red blood cell formation.

10:  Riboflavin is:
A: added to white flour for enrichment.
B: found abundantly in milk and cheese.
C: an essential nutrient.
D: all of the above

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