Nutrition and Diet Therapy: Self-Instructional Approaches, Fifth Edition
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End of Chapter Test Questions

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1:  If a 2000 kcal/day diet derives approximately 1000 kcal from carbohydrates, how many grams of carbohydrate does that diet contain?
A: 150
B: 200
C: 250
D: 400

2:  Identify the trend in food consumption in the United States that has occurred since the turn of the century.
A: Potato consumption has continued to increase.
B: Consumption of refined sugar and processed sugar products has increased.
C: Fruit and vegetable consumption has greatly increased.
D: Consumption of cereals has greatly increased.

3:  Cellulose is a _____ carbohydrate
A: digestible
B: nondigestible
C: disaccharide
D: processed

4:  Which two of the following food groups contain the greatest amounts of cellulose and other food fiber?
A: meat and dairy products
B: whole grain cereals
C: fruit juices
D: raw fruits and vegetables
E: b and d

5:  Which of the following represent blood sugar levels within the normal range?
A: 30 to 60 mg per 100 ml
B: 70 to 120 mg per 100 ml
C: 140 to 160 mg per 100 ml
D: 100 to 120 mg per 100 ml

6:  Insulin is secreted by the:
A: alpha cells of the pancreas.
B: beta cells of the pancreas.
C: nephron of the kidney.
D: digestive cells in the intestinal wall.

7:  From the items below, choose the snack that produces the least amount of caries.
A: plain popcorn and an apple
B: taffy and raisins
C: noodles with butter
D: sherbet and 7-Up float

8:  Carbohydrates are the raw materials that we eat mainly as:
A: starches and sugars.
B: proteins and fats.
C: plants and animals.
D: pectin and cellulose.

9:  Carbohydrates provide one of the main fuel sources for energy. Which of the following carbohydrate foods provides the quickest source of energy?
A: slice of bread
B: glass of orange juice
C: chocolate candy bar
D: glass of milk

10:  Chemical digestion of carbohydrates is completed in the small intestine by enzymes from the:
A: pancreas and gallbladder.
B: gallbladder and liver.
C: small intestine and pancreas.
D: liver and small intestine.

11:  The refined fuel glucose is delivered to the cells by the blood for production of energy. The hormone controlling use of glucose by the cells is:
A: thyroxin.
B: growth hormone.
C: adrenal steroid.
D: insulin.

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