Nutrition and Diet Therapy: Self-Instructional Approaches, Fifth Edition
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1:  Substances are classified as protein when they contain
A: carbon, oxygen, and nitrogen.
B: carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, and sulfur.
C: carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen.
D: carbon, calcium, phosphorus, and iron.

2:  Adults require _____ essential amino acids, and infants require _____ essential amino acids.
A: 8, 7
B: 8, 9
C: 7, 8
D: 6, 7

3:  An amino acid is said to be essential if it:
A: is needed by the body.
B: cannot be synthesized by the body.
C: contains vitamins and minerals.
D: combines with nonessential amino acids.

4:  On days when a person exercises strenuously, his or her protein intake should be:
A: increased greatly.
B: reduced sharply.
C: about the same as usual.
D: reduced by half.

5:  For protein synthesis to occur:
A: all the essential amino acids must be present.
B: sufficient nitrogen to form nonessential amino acids is needed.
C: the diet must have adequate calories from carbohydrate and fat.
D: all of the above.

6:  Foods of animal origin contain substantial quantities of high-quality protein.

7:  Malnutrition affects physical and mental development.

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