Nutrition and Diet Therapy: Self-Instructional Approaches, Fifth Edition
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End of Chapter Test Questions

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1:  The functional unit of the kidney is the:
A: tubule.
B: glomerulus.
C: nephron.
D: ureter.

2:  Approximately how many ml of water leave the body via the kidney per day?
A: 1000-1500
B: 2000-2500
C: 500-1000
D: 3000

3:  Neutrality is restored to the body by the kidney in which of these ways?
A: reabsorption of electrolytes
B: secretion of hydrogen ions
C: excretion of bicarbonate
D: all of the above

4:  The vitamin whose activity depends upon efficient kidney function is:
A: ascorbic acid.
B: B12.
C: D.
D: retinol.

5:  When a person loses one kidney through accident or donation, kidney function is altered by:
A: 1/4.
B: 1/2.
C: 2/3.
D: 0

6:  An elderly person's kidney function may be altered by:
A: 0-1/4.
B: 1/4-1/2.
C: 1/2-2/3.
D: 3/4-1.

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