Title: Creative Nursing Leadership & Management by Carolyn Chambers Clark

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Chapter Title
1 Theories and Styles of Leadership
2 Theories and Styles of Management
3 Role Transitioning
4 Managing Stress
5 Managing Time
6 Critical Thinking
7 Communicating Effectively
8 Managing Conflict
9 Delegating
10 Acting Legally, Ethically and Politically
11 Motivating and Team Building
12 Budgeting and Managing Resources
13 Demonstrating Effectiveness and Quality Care
14 Managing Change and Innovating
15 Using Information Technology
16 Staffing and Retaining Staff
17 Recruiting and Interviewing
18 Establishing a Healthy Environment
19 Developing a Staff
20 Evaluating Staff Performance and Insuring Quality
21 Coaching and Mentoring
22 Reducing Workplace Violence
23 Planning Succession


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