Issues and Trends in Nursing: Essential Knowledge for Today and Tomorrow
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Critical Thinking Exercises

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1:  Why is the image of nursing important to the profession? To health care in general?

2:  What role do you think you might have as a nurse in influencing the image of nursing? (Provide specific examples.)

3:  What stimulated your interest in nursing as a profession?

Was the image of nursing in any way related to your decision, and in what way did it impact your decision?

4:  Explain the healthcare core competency; work in interdisciplinary teams.

Why this is important to address in healthcare education, and what is its impact on practice?

5:  What is a team, and how does it function?

6:  How does collaboration impact team effectiveness?

7:  Why is collegiality and collaboration important for the professional growth of a nurse and the profession in general?

8:  What has impeded collaboration and the interdisciplinary team approach to deliver care?

9:  List some skills that nurses must have to work effectively with other team members?

10:  List some roles the nurse collaborator can have to its client and peers.

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