Issues and Trends in Nursing: Essential Knowledge for Today and Tomorrow
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Critical Thinking Exercises

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1:  How does ethical decision-making apply to nursing students?

2:  Explain how the profession of nursing incorporates ethics into practice and the profession.

3:  Discuss one example of an ethical issue and how the ethical principles apply to this issue.

4:  Willie is an 86 year-old male who is comatose and on a ventilator for life support. He has been in the hospital for two weeks with no sign of improvement. Family members at his bedside include his 75 year-old sister, 50 year-old daughter and 48 year-old son. Willie is also receiving supplemental nutrition through a NG tube. His family members do not know the next course of action for his health.

What could Willie have had in place to prevent confusion regarding his healthcare. Why?

5:  Organizational ethics committees provide nurses with:

6:  Name one element that defines a profession and those within the profession.

7:  Distinguish between patient-centered care and organizational practices.

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