Issues and Trends in Nursing: Essential Knowledge for Today and Tomorrow
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Critical Thinking Exercises

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1:  What is the research process?

2:  How does research relate to EBP?

3:  What is a systematic review, and what are the types of systematic reviews?

How do they relate to EBP?

What is their value to practice?

4:  Why is EBP important to nursing practice?

5:  What are the barriers to implementing EBP, and how might some of them be overcome?

6:  What factors would you consider when implementing EBP in a nursing unit?

7:  Differentiate between evidence-based nursing and evidence-based practice.

8:  Research evidence is the foundation for implementing change in nursing practice and is based on the nursing process.

List some steps nurses can follow to implement change in the nursing field.

9:  Systems must be followed in sequential order to apply research into nursing practice.

List the third phase and what are some questions it asks?

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