Issues and Trends in Nursing: Essential Knowledge for Today and Tomorrow
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Critical Thinking Exercises

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1:  How might knowing more about nursing history impact your personal view of nursing?

2:  How did the image of nursing in Nightingale's time impact nursing from the 1860sthrough the 1940s?

3:  How would you define professionalism in your own words?

4:  Review the ANA standards of practice and professional performance. Are you surprised by any of the standards? If so, why?

5:  How might knowing the definition of nursing impact how you practice?

6:  Why was nurse licensure vital to its profession?

7:  What was the purpose of initiating the ADN program after World War II?

8:  Why should nurses today study the history of nursing?

9:  What nursing ideals were congruent with the teachings of the early Christian church?

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