Issues and Trends in Nursing: Essential Knowledge for Today and Tomorrow
Student Elements

Critical Thinking Exercises

Use these exercises from Professional Nursing Concepts: Competencies for Qualtiy Leadership by Anita Finkelman and Carole Kenner to test your critical thinking capabilities.

Chapter Title
1 History of Nursing as a Profession
2 Nursing Education: Past, Present, and Future
3 NCLEX Examination
4 Licensure
5 Professional Nursing Organizations
6 Interprofessional Practice and Research
7 Global Nursing Workforce and Health Issues
8 Culture of Safety
9 Perfomance Outcomes
10 Health Care Delivery Systems
11 Evidence-Based Practice
12 Emergency Planning and Response
13 Vulnerable Populations
14 Cultural Issues
15 Ethical Decision Making and Moral Choices
16 Legal Issues in Nursing
17 Policy and Political Activism
18 Urban Health Care Issues
19 Rural Health Care Issues
20 Informatics to Improve Health Outcomes/Health Technology
21 The Future Role of Nurses in Health Care
22 Transition of New Nurses from Eduction to Practice

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