Issues and Trends in Nursing: Essential Knowledge for Today and Tomorrow
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1:  Information literacy is defined as:
A: Quality performance measurement data shared among healthcare providers and organizations for quality improvement and safety
B: the ability to identify the need for information, search databases about it, evaluate the results and utilize the information
C: healthcare organizational environment that promotes a culture of professional development and quality patient outcomes
D: measurable levels of knowledge, skills and attitudes required to perform in a professional role

2:  What is a measure of the quality of a service or organization based on consumer or employee perceptions
A: Magnet
B: futurist
C: competency
D: satisfaction

3:  What is the process by which an institution's program, policies, and practices are reviewed by an external accrediting body?
A: apprenticeship
B: accreditation
C: instruction
D: curriculum

4:  Neomodernism links knowledge, production and practice to generate scientific theory. It demands that new methods and technologies be utilized in nursing practice and research.

5:  The magnet program is a type of benchmark for excellence among consumers and professionals. In the Magnet Model, a transformational leader will not prepare nurses for future challenges and the mindset of the leader must be that of the past.

6:  Some barriers or challenges that affect the future of nursing include competencies in academic and health care not being uniform and current managers retiring without appropriate replacements.

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