Issues and Trends in Nursing: Essential Knowledge for Today and Tomorrow
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1:  When a nursing student integrates knowledge learned in the classroom and takes it into the clinical setting, this is known as
A: psychomotor skills
B: assimilation
C: cognitive knowledge base
D: critical thinking skills

2:  Critical thinking is defined as:
A: A process of assessing, grouping, evaluating data to determine the best plan of action for each patient care issue
B: Transferring to a competent individual authority to perform a selected nursing task in a selection situation
C: Being able to learn how to distinguish between the relevant from the irrelevant
D: Using technology to support the safe implementation of patient care

3:  It is important that nursing students have an attitude that learning is a shared responsibility between themselves and faculty.

4:  With the idea of shared governance where decisions are made at the patient care unit, nursing staff have the power, autonomy and accountability to make patient care decisions and changes within their nursing practice.

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