Issues and Trends in Nursing: Essential Knowledge for Today and Tomorrow
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1:  Barriers in the use of informatics in health care include:
A: standardized language
B: privacy, security, confidentiality
C: lack of energy
D: A and B

2:  HIPPA is responsible for:
A: protecting data and information systems
B: collecting of terms with definitions that are used in informational system databases
C: improving the efficiency of healthcare delivery and to standardize electronic data
D: the studying of the structure and properties of information

3:  What is a virtual visit?
A: Uses technology to provide a digitized view of a patient and healthcare provider engaged in real-time communication
B: Use of communication technologies to deliver health care at a distance
C: Uses advanced technologies such as videoconferencing and the Internet to enable a healthcare provider at a clinical site to communicate with patients in their homes.

4:  Confidentiality is a legal protection and an assurance of an individual's right to privacy, but information is not confidential unless there exists a treatment relationship between the patient and care provider.

5:  The incorporation of technology into health care means there is not a practicing nurse who does not use daily at least one form of health technology in their profession.

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