Issues and Trends in Nursing: Essential Knowledge for Today and Tomorrow
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1:  Patients are admitted to the hospital from home or are released from another major hospital to a facility under this category for more long-term care.
A: critical access facility
B: swing beds
C: long-term care
D: acute rehabilitation unit

2:  Hospitals that are located in rural settings have to deal with the lack of healthcare providers and information necessary to provide appropriate care. Through the use of technology, practice within the rural setting has improved, this is available by way of:
A: telemedicine
B: telehealth
C: virtual reality
D: computers

3:  Some tips for nurses to help them practice in a rural setting include obtaining a generalist nursing education, identifying educational resources for problems, and understanding the role of coordinator and case manager.

4:  In the rural setting many nurses are master prepared and have a wide theory or research background for quality improvement projects.

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