Issues and Trends in Nursing: Essential Knowledge for Today and Tomorrow
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1:  What type of law establishes rules for socially reasonable conduct and imposes liability on a party for unreasonable conduct?
A: Common Law
B: Civil Law
C: Tort Law
D: Bill of Rights

2:  In order for a case to be considered malpractice, it must prove 4 elements, which one is described as failing to perform according to the standard of care for that particular circumstance.
A: Damages
B: Causation
C: Duty
D: Breach of Duty

3:  What is a planned act that results in harm to someone despite the harm not being expected by the person who acted?
A: malpractice
B: Intentional tort
C: negligence
D: nonmaleficence

4:  Statutes that define the legal limits for the practice of nursing within that state and identifies requirements for licensure is known as the Nurse Practice Act.

5:  In order for the nurse to obtain informed consent, they must determine that the consent was involuntary and the patient was competent.

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