Issues and Trends in Nursing: Essential Knowledge for Today and Tomorrow
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1:  What is a written element for the profession that provides a self-declaration of how the profession and its members should function in their duties and responsibilities and what the public should expect as a competent level of service?
A: Advance directive
B: Bill of Rights
C: Code of Ethics
D: Personhood

2:  When looking at the nursing as a professional, the nurse must possess 4 ethical directives. They are competence, truthfulness, relationship centered and:
A: respect
B: confidentiality
C: autonomy
D: faith-based

3:  Patient bill of rights refers to an understanding and respect for the rights and responsibilities of patients and their families.

4:  Under the idea of narrative ethics, health professionals do not offer patients the reassurance that they know and understand them, but they can acknowledge that their story has been listened to.

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