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Health professionals noticed that ventilator-dependent adults often developed pneumonia. They started questioning what might be going on. They reviewed the literature and found that there was little "evidence" to support this phenomenon, but there was some.

Over the past few years, more and more institutions examined ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP). Based on these reviews, guidelines or best practices were developed to decrease the incidence of VAP in adults.

Now, research and EBP studies examine VAP as a measure of quality of care; consider costs associated with VAP versus preventative costs; and use VAP as a benchmarking tool for quality care and patient safety (Ruffell & Adamcova, 2008; Uckay, Ahmed, Sax, & Pittet, 2008).

1:  Can you find a systematic review on VAP and care? If so, what evidence does it provide?

2:  Can you find a clinical guideline on VAP? What evidence is provided?

3:  What care approach is used in a clinical setting in which you have practicum? How does it relate to what you have learned from the systematic review and/or clinical guideline?

Tiffany is an operating room RN in the open heart sector and she has noticed an increase in pressure sores on the coccyx and buttock area of patients due to a prolonged surgery time of 4-6 hours.

4:  How can Tiffany find a solution to this problem when she already knows that time and decreased mobility create pressure sores within two hours.

5:  Will Tiffany utilize EBP or Evidence-based health care?

6:  What are some steps that she could take to prevent these adverse events.

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