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Subtitle Text: Synergy for Optimal Outcomes
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With these Skills in Action Videos you can watch an experienced healthcare professional perform important skills. Seeing these skills in action will help you to cope confidently and correctly in critical care situations.

Chapter Chapter Title
6 Infections in the ICU
   Moving a Patient
   Types of Carries
8 Cultural Issues in Critical Illness
   Patient Assessment
12 Coronary Artery Disease
   Hand Position
18 Shock
   Shock Treatment
20 Respiratory Anatomy, Physiology, and Assessment
   Umbilical Cord
22 Select Respiratory Disorders, Airway Adjuncts, and Non-invasive Ventilation
   Adult Airway
   Checking Breathing
   Head Tilt - Chin Lift Maneuver
   Jaw Thrust Maneuver
   Recovery Position
27 Multimodal Neurological Monitoring
29 Neurologic Injuries
   Injured Limb
   Types of Splint
30 Cerebrovascular Disorders
   Spinal Cord Injury
31 Gastrointestinal Anatomy, Physiology, and Assessment
   Children and Infants
32 Gastrointestinal Interventions
   Child CPR
   Infant Airway
   Obstructed Airway - Child
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