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Subtitle Text: Synergy for Optimal Outcomes
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Chapter Chapter Title
8 Cultural Issues in Critical Illness
   A B Cs
10 Cardiac Anatomy, Physiology, and Assessment
   Circulatory System
   Integration of Systems
11 Hemodynamic Monitoring
   Integration of Systems
   Respiratory Arrest
12 Coronary Artery Disease
   Cardiac Arrest
   AED Simulation **Interactive**
18 Shock
   Water Rescue
   Water Rescue Simulation **Interactive**
   Heat-Related Emergencies
22 Select Respiratory Disorders, Airway Adjuncts, and Non-invasive Ventilation
   Circulatory System
   Head Tilt - Chin Lift Maneuver
   Jaw-Thrust Manuever
   Types of Bleeding
   Opening the Airway **Interactive**
   Types of Choking
24 Common Respiratory Disorders
   Types of Open Wounds
   Wound Identification **Interactive**
26 Neurologic Anatomy, Physiology, and Assessment
   Central Nervous System
28 Common Neurologic Disorders
29 Neurologic Injuries
   Bone Injuries
   Joint and Muscle Injuries
52 Burns
   Severity of Burns
   Critical Burns
55 Trauma
   Sucking Chest Wounds
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