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9-1-1 Scenario: Diabetic

Listen to the audio clip and then test yourself by answering the following questions.

  • You will need the QuickTime player to correctly listen to the audio clip.
  • The clip will not start automatically. Press the play button to begin the clip.

1:  This patient is a known diabetic. For your initial assessment, is it important to know what type of diabetes that this patient has been diagnosed with? Is this an emergency?
A: Only Type I Diabetes, IDD (insulin dependent diabetes) is an emergency.
B: Type II Diabetes, NIDD (non-insulin dependent diabetes) is not an emergency.
C: Both types are an emergency.
D: Any types of diabetes with altered level of consciousness/unconsciousness and seizures is an emergency.

2:  What is the jerking called described by the reporting party during the seizure?
A: Tonic
B: Clonic
C: Tonic Clonic
D: Asystole

3:  What consideration is important to manage when the patient is audibly snoring?
A: Pulse
B: Level of consciousness
C: Oxygen saturation
D: Airway patency

4:  Is oral glucose paste indicated for this patient?
A: Yes, any sugar can help.
B: Yes, he is breathing and snoring.
C: No, the glucose paste may obstruct the airway.
D: No, give liquid such as orange juice.

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