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9-1-1 Scenario: Neck Injury

Listen to the audio clip and then test yourself by answering the following questions.

  • You will need the QuickTime player to correctly listen to the audio clip.
  • The clip will not start automatically. Press the play button to begin the clip.

1:  Cervical spine injuries include the immobilization of the patient with:
A: a cervical collar only.
B: a cervical collar, secure the head, and secure the body to the backboard.
C: manual cervical immobilization, cervical collar, and then secure the body to the backboard.
D: nothing. The pop in the patient's neck should be ignored and the patient should be allowed to move his head.

2:  When spinal and cervical immobilization are accomplished, what other patient consideration must be monitored?
A: Airway
B: Breathing
C: Circulation
D: All of the above

3:  With the mother on the scene, treatment should be provided by asking for:
A: informed consent from the mother.
B: implied consent from the MD on scene.
C: durable power of attorney.
D: advance directive.

4:  A physician must evaluate a pediatric patient with any injury to their neck to rule out a fracture.
A: True
B: False

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