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9-1-1 Scenario: Difficulty Breathing

Listen to the audio clip and then test yourself by answering the following questions.

  • You will need the QuickTime player to correctly listen to the audio clip.
  • The clip will not start automatically. Press the play button to begin the clip.

1:  Do you deem this call to be an emergency?
A: Yes
B: No

2:  What are your primary considerations as you approach this patient?
A: Airway
B: Breathing
C: Circulation
D: Level of Consciousness
E: All of the above

3:  How would you support this patient's respiratory effort?
A: Low flow oxygen by cannula
B: High flow oxygen by nonrebreather mask
C: Positive pressure ventilation with bag-valve-mask
D: Position of comfort and reassurance
E: Possibly all of the above

4:  What are the important questions concerning the patient's medications?
A: Are they new medications?
B: Are you allergic to any medications?
C: How much of the medication did you take?
D: Is this your medication?
E: All of the above

5:  What should you ask the patient or family concerning the hospitalization?
A: How long was the patient in the hospital?
B: Who was the physician?
C: Why was she being hospitalized?
D: Do you want to go to another hospital?

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