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9-1-1 Scenario: Seizure

Listen to the audio clip and then test yourself by answering the following questions.

  • You will need the QuickTime player to correctly listen to the audio clip.
  • The clip will not start automatically. Press the play button to begin the clip.

1:  Is this an emergency?
A: Yes
B: No

2:  Do all epileptics experience or have experienced seizures?
A: Yes
B: No

3:  How do epileptics control seizures?
A: Exercise
B: Diet
C: Anti-Seizure drugs
D: Alcohol

4:  What are the most common causes of seizures in infants and young children?
A: Diabetic elated seizures
B: Epilepsy
C: Febrile seizures
D: Head injury related to seizures

5:  What is the state of condition called immediately following a seizure?
A: Post resuscitation
B: Post partum
C: Postictal
D: None of the above

6:  What may be a "cause" of seizures that are connected with anti-seizure drugs?
A: Brain tumors.
B: History of severe head injury.
C: Diagnosed as an epileptic.
D: All of the above.

7:  Do patients that experience seizures, at times, have an "aura" or knowledge that they are about to experience a seizure?
A: Yes
B: No

8:  What behavior can you expect from an infant after a seizure?
A: Weak crying
B: Sleepiness
C: Reluctance to feed
D: All of the above

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