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9-1-1 Scenario: Chest Pain

Listen to the audio clip and then test yourself by answering the following questions.

  • You will need the QuickTime player to correctly listen to the audio clip.
  • The clip will not start automatically. Press the play button to begin the clip.

1:  Does this call sound as if it is an emergency?
A: Yes
B: No

2:  How is the level of respiratory distress evaluated?
A: Evaluating the patient's ability to speak
B: Auscultation of breath sounds and evaluating tidal volume
C: Skin signs and vital signs
D: All of the above

3:  How is chest pain evaluated?
A: Using the acronym PQRST
B: Simply by asking the family
C: Looking at the patient
D: Relying on past experiences

4:  Why is it important to gather medications for the paramedics?
A: To see if there are illegal drugs.
B: Confirm the patient is taking the right medications
C: To report these medications to Medical Control
D: To give the roommate something to do

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