Community Health Nursing, Second Edition
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Chapter Title
1 Opening the Door to Health Care in the Community
2 Community and Population Health: Assessment and Intervention
3 History of Community Health and Public Health Nursing
4 Epidemiology of Health and Illness
5 Health Care Systems in Transition
6 Managed Care
7 Economics of Health Care
8 Politics and the Law
9 Health Policy
10 Transcultural Nursing Care in the Community
11 Ethics and Health
12 Environmental Health
13 Health Promotion and Wellness
14 Nursing Informatics in Community Health Nursing Practice
15 Health Education in the Community
16 Complementary and Holistic Health
17 Global Health
18 Groups in the Community
19 Communicable Disease
20 Sexually Transmitted Diseases and HIV/AIDS
21 Substance Abuse as a Community Health Problem
22 Violence and Nursing's Response
23 Chronic Illness
24 Disasters in the Community
25 Vulnerability: An Overview
26 Urban and Homeless Populations
27 Rural Populations
28 Adolescent Pregnancy
29 Disabilities and Health
30 Foundations of Family Care
31 Caring for the Family in Health and Illness
32 Women's Health
33 Men's Health
34 Children's Health
35 Elder Health
36 Psychiatric Care and Mental Health in the Community
37 Public Health Nursing: Pioneers of Health Care Reform
38 The Home Visit
39 Home Health and Hospice Nursing
40 School Health Nursing
41 Occupational Health Nursing
42 Advanced Nursing Practice in the Community
43 Health Ministries: Health and Faith Communities

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